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For your security: Set up your password

On July 25, 2014, we launched a completely overhauled website that includes a brand new system for managing membership records. Out of an abundance of caution—and to maintain the highest level security for our members—we are requiring all members to select a password for use with the new membership system before they first log in to the new website.  At no time has anyone’s password been compromised, nor have any attempts to compromise passwords been made. This is purely a forward-looking security measure.

What you need to do

Enter the e-mail address or user name on your account into the box below. You will receive an e-mail containing a link to a secure section of our site where you can select your password. You are allowed to use the same password you previously used.

Your e-mail address or user name:

Why we are requiring this

We have always used strong encryption to store and protect members’ passwords in our systems. Because we use such encryption, member passwords have never been accessible by anyone––including us. Our new membership system uses a newer method of encrypting user passwords. In order to offer the strongest security for your password, we are requiring members to enter their passwords directly into the new membership system, at which time they will be encrypted for use with our new system.

If you need assistance

If you need help or manual intervention in setting up your password, please e-mail [email protected]. Please include a phone number for us to call you back on if you are requesting that we set up your password manually.

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